What we do to keep our community safe

Hadley Wood Security provides round the clock protection so that you can relax in the knowledge that you and your property are in safe hands. Our commitment to the community means that we are able to provide high quality security from a company that knows the area inside out.

As a cooperative and local organisation, we pride ourselves on knowing our members by face and name, offering the ultimate in personal security within the neighbourhood.

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Surveillancean eye on your safety

The best way to protect your property is by monitoring your premises with good surveillance, engaging in an effective deterrent. At Hadley Wood Security we manage a comprehensive CCTV programme, observing and recording unusual activity and responding to any concerns immediately. We also have a fleet of patrol cars as well as qualified security guards, creating a visual presence in the area at all times.

  • If you're going holiday we offer special surveillance packages for the periods when you’re property is empty, so that you can relax without worrying about the security of your home.
  • Surveillance is an excellent defence against burglaries, break-ins and vandalism, which is why Hadley Wood is one of the safest places in to live.
Private guardskeeping you safe

The security of your home, car and other possessions is important to protect and in today’s society we can’t take this for granted. With our reliable security services, we make sure that the inhabitants of Hadley Wood are able to enjoy living in this beautiful location with peace of mind that it’s safe and secure.

All of our guards are fully trained and are usually able to respond within two minutes of a raised alarm. The security team offer a vigilant, professional service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Private guards
  • All of our guards are SIA approved and able to provide the ultimate in security management.
  • Members can contact the guards by using the specially allocated emergency number at any time.
  • With first response training, our guards can be on site expeditiously to help, night and day.
  • The guards carry a defibrillator and are fully trained on how to use it.
Mobile alertsso you’re up-to-date

The mobile alert system is effective in keeping our members fully informed about what’s going on in the area. For example, if we notice any suspicious behaviour, we can quickly distribute a warning message to all of our members as well as investigating the situation. By using this service everyone benefits from being in the know, and it simply increases the security of Hadley Wood for all of the residents.

Alerts are only sent out to our members for legitimate purposes and are monitored by our security team to ensure the content is substantiated and appropriate.

Mobile alerts
  • The team also offer a meet and greet service and specialised holiday surveillance. More information about these services can be found by contacting the Site Supervisor or Membership Secretary.
  • Because the guards are on hand 24 hours a day, they can respond to any concerns whether you’re inside your property or away from home.
  • An optional Key Holidng service is also available at a small extra cost.
Areas we cover

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List of streets we cover

The streets marked with (*) are streets we do not provide our full range of services for but are still included in our Emergency System; please call our customer service for any clarification on this.

  • Alderwood Mews EEN4 0ED
  • Bakers Hill EN5 5QJ
  • Beech Hill EN4 0JP
  • Beech Hill Avenue EN4 0LW
  • Broadgates Avenue EN4 0NU
  • Camlet Way EN4 0LH
  • Claremont Road EN4 0HP
  • Cockfosters Road EN4 0JS
  • Coombehurst Close* EN4 0JU
  • Corbar Close EN4 0JL
  • Courtleigh Avenue EN4 0HT
  • Covert Way EN4 0LT
  • Crescent East EN4 0EN
  • Crescent West EN4 0EQ
  • Douglas Close EN4 0AQ
  • Duchy Road EN4 0HN
  • Dury Road EN5 5PU
  • Fairgreen* EN4 0QS
  • Fairgreen East* EN4 0QR
  • Greenbrook Avenue EN4 0LS
  • Greenoak Place EN4 0JB
  • Hadley Common EN5 5QE
  • Hadley Green Road EN5 5PR
  • Kingwell Road EN4 0HZ
  • Lancaster Avenue EN4 0ER
  • Monken Hadley EN5 5PY
  • Musgrave Close EN4 0LX
  • Newmans Way EN4 0LP
  • Old Orchard Close EN4 0ND
  • Pagitts Grove EN4 0NT
  • Parkgate Avenue EN4 0HT
  • Parkgate Crescent EN4 0NW
  • Sandridge Close EN4 0HB
  • Soames Place EN4 0NY
  • St Ronans Close EN4 0JH
  • Waggon Road EN4 0PW
  • Walmar Close EN4 0LA
  • Warner Close EN4 0HE
  • Wood Ride EN4 0LL