Hadley Wood Security

Run for the residents,By the residents

Hadley Wood Security was established in 2003 and has been operating successfully within the area ever since. As a community focused organisation, we pride ourselves on providing reliable and trusted security services throughout the Hadley Wood area. Our priority is ensuring our residents feel safe and secure whether at home relaxing or out of the house.

Our team of qualified SIA personnel are trained to respond to any security alert or medical concern, and are usually on site within two minutes of someone raising the alarm. In addition to providing timely response services, we also have a fleet of patrol vehicles surveying the area night and day.

Protect yourself,
your property and your family, and support your local community.
Our Promise


By having a visible security presence, the likelihood of an incident is immediately reduced. With the use of our marked patrol cars and members’ plaques, it’s clear that Hadley Wood is a protected area. We want our residents to feel relaxed and happy without anxiety about the security of their home and family safety. Our unmarked cars and guards provide that added protection to give peace of mind to all of our members. We also have a network of CCTV and ANPR cameras for intelligence and evidence gathering.

As a not for profit organisation, the ethos of our approach is for as many residents to become members as possible to enable a better, safer security service for everyone. The more members who join, the stronger we are and of course the more cost effective. Because our security service is a bespoke arrangement for your area, we invite ideas from our residents and work with you to provide the very best in security services. So with all this help and support on your doorstep, why not get in touch with one of our Membership Secretary to find out how you can become involved in a safer, brighter future.