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Why everyone wants to live in Hadley Wood

Published on 07.02.2017 by

Why everyone wants to live in Hadley Wood

Everyone knows the saying ‘location, location, location’ but when it comes to Hadley Wood it really hits the mark. With easy access to central London and the picturesque Hertfordshire countryside, it ticks all the boxes for relaxed family living.

But what Hadley Wood has over some of its neighbouring areas is its sense of community. This doesn’t mean that the residents live in each other’s pockets – no one wants Hyacinth ‘Bouquet’ living opposite, twitching her curtains at your every move. But what the residents of Hadley Wood benefit from is quite unique. Everyone who lives here is able to access the many facilities on offer, including seven wonderful tennis courts managed by the Hadley Wood Lawn Tennis Club. Great for keeping fit and making new friends. Interestingly this is one of the oldest tennis clubs in North London and is renowned for its superb courts, which are kept in mint condition.

If tennis isn’t your bag, there’s plenty more on offer with impressive football grounds and 27 acres of stunning, leafy land to explore and enjoy. The choice doesn’t stop there either, there’s a great community centre right at the heart of Hadley Wood offering dance classes, a children’s playgroup and a bridge club, to name just a few of the activities on offer.

It might be just the time to check out the golf course too. This pristine course in the heart of Hadley Wood has been offering golfer’s heaven since 1922 and is located on what used to be the old deer park. It boasts an Allister Mackenzie course with multi-tiered greens offering a challenge to even the most experienced golfers amongst us.

There’s great schools close by and a host of fabulous, independent shops and artisan cafes and restaurants. Relaxation is an important aspect of living in Hadley Wood and this is why the residents’ own security cooperative is so valued by its community. Each member receives round the clock security so that everyone living here can take their safety pretty much for granted. The security service is run by the residents for the residents.

With so much going on, it would be hard to imagine leaving the neighbourhood and explains why everyone wants to live here. Now, where did I put those golf clubs?