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Tuesday 16th April 2024
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How a sense of security can help you live longer

Published on 07.01.2017 by

How a sense of security can help you live longer

As a nation we’re a lot more aware of the importance of our mental health as well as our physical well-being. This is particularly important as we get older, which is why puzzles like Sudoku are great for keeping our minds active. But, however many brainteasers we challenge our head with, one of the most important aspects of integrating physical and mental health is by avoiding anxiety and keeping fit. Easier said than done, of course. With people living longer and working into older age, it’s difficult to avoid stress and anxiety but sometimes these tendencies can increase as the years pass us by.

Relationships help us have a sense of ourselves and this is instrumental in our happiness and well-being. As babies our emotional development is neurologically reliant on the quality of relationships we have with our parents and family members. But this need for another being to ‘make us feel happy’ doesn’t ever stop. The more people around us, the better chance our mental health has to continue on a positive trajectory. If we allow ourselves to become isolated, there’s more chance of depression. By continuing with relationships we not only get enjoyment from other people’s company, but grow a better internalised a sense of self too.

It’s really important to feel safe where you live and that’s not something that everyone is lucky enough to take for granted. If the area we live in doesn’t feel safe, we’re less inclined to go out and mix with others and this can end up in a solitary lifestyle, which is bad news for our mental health. So, accepting that feeling safe and secure can actually reduce stress and encourage a happy, fulfilling life, there’s nowhere better than Hadley Wood to reside. With its fabulous sports facilities, great social events and home and personal security service run by the residents, there’s no better place to enjoy living your life to the full.